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Discover a More Refined You at THE PLAN


Have you ever dreamed of having a face that dazzles in the hustle and bustle of the city?

Today, let’s uncover the little secrets that make people more beautiful.

Dr. Jun Hyung Park

There was a client, like many others, who didn’t consider appearance a significant aspect of life at first.

That changed when she was repeatedly thought to be older than her actual age.

It led her to wonder, “What can I do about my appearance?” So, she came to THE PLAN hoping for answers.


Here, she opted for cheekbone reduction surgery and decided to enhance the results with the Ulthera Lift, a non-invasive lifting treatment.

The nervousness, anticipation, and all doubts she had before the surgery gradually dissipated after communicating with the team.

From consultation to surgery and recovery, every step came with careful and professional guidance. The result was even better than she had imagined.


She was no longer seen as the “always looking older” individual. Her friends were full of praise for her transformation.

What made her happiest was that this change brought her not just external beauty but, more importantly, an unprecedented boost in self-confidence.

Dr. Park performing a surgery

What I want to say is that THE PLAN is not just a cosmetic surgery clinic; it’s more like a dream factory for beautification.

The doctor is dedicated to empowering your dreams. No matter your needs or concerns, THE PLAN will help you find the most suitable solution for yourself.

So, if you also desire to change and pursue a better appearance, consider visiting us.

Perhaps the next person to be amazed by their transformation will be you.