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The secret to a firm, small face: incision facelift

Pursuing a delicate and exquisite facial shape,
facial firmness and contour aesthetics
have always been hot topics in the field of cosmetic surgery.

As age increases, skin sagging is inevitable,
or after contour surgeries, the facial skin
may exhibit undesirable sagging.

If you are looking for a surgery that can achieve facial lift,
tightening, and a slimmer face effect simultaneously,
incisional facelift (facelift surgery) might be your ideal choice.

Lower-face lift

What is incisional facelift surgery?

Incisional facelift is a procedure that involves cutting and repositioning the skin
to improve facial skin sagging, restore skin elasticity,
and achieve a rejuvenated appearance.

The surgery primarily involves making incisions near the ears,
then separating the skin and muscles,
and adjusting the SMAS layer (superficial muscular aponeurotic system)
to achieve a lifting effect,
making the face look tighter and younger.

Forehead Lift visual image

Ideal candidates for incisional facelift surgery

– Those lacking facial definition
– Those with excessively long or wide facial structures
– Those with large jaw angles and more square face shapes
– Those with prominent cheekbones affecting overall facial harmony


Dr. Jun Hyung Park


Differences from thread lift

While thread lift is undoubtedly a less invasive means of tightening skin,
providing temporary improvement to slightly sagging faces,
due to its reliance on absorbable sutures implanted under the skin,
its longevity and fundamental effectiveness cannot
compare to incisional facelift.

Choosing a professional plastic surgery clinic for incisional facelift surgery is crucial.

THE PLAN Plastic Surgery, with its exclusive surgical techniques
and extensive clinical experience,
is renowned in the field of incisional lift.

If you are eager to find an anti-aging solution that can achieve facial tightening
and a slimmer face effect,
consider incisional facelift surgery,

letting technology and professionalism safeguard your beauty.

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