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Introduction to THE PLAN Plastic Surgery’s “Beautiful Face Plan”

In today’s beauty-focused world, plastic surgery is no longer a taboo topic.

Especially in Seoul, a city that values beauty highly, plastic surgery clinics have become popular for those looking to renew their appearance.

THE PLAN Plastic Surgery stands out due to its superb surgical skills and excellent cosmetic techniques, making it the top choice for those seeking beauty.

Our mission is to understand and fulfill each customer’s beauty dreams.


Recently, we had the honor of welcoming customers from China and witnessing their remarkable transformations. One transformation was particularly impressive.


👨‍⚕️Beauty Transformation Report

Facelift + Sagging Shaping + Correcting Eye Asymmetry

We are pleased to share the experience of a client who underwent a facelift, sagging shaping, and eye asymmetry correction at THE PLAN Plastic Surgery.

If you are considering surgery, we hope this information will be helpful.

LEFT: Before surgery
MIDDLE: One month after surgery
RIGHT: Two months after surgery

“After contour surgery, my cheeks started to sag. I tried various treatments like laser lifting and thread lifting, but saw no significant results.

In my pre-surgery photos with makeup, the issue might not be obvious, but after the contour surgery, my face often looked longer.

I originally hoped the surgery would make my face smaller and fresher, but the results caused me a lot of stress.

As an office worker, I had limited time to visit the clinic after lifting treatments.

After careful consideration, I heard that Dr. Park is famous for facelift surgery, so I decided to undergo the procedure.

There was almost no pain after the surgery, and the bandages made my cheeks feel very comfortable.

I was hospitalized for a day, but it was very comfortable with almost no pain.

The hospital staff was very friendly, making my experience even more pleasant.

This photo was taken after discharge, showing ideal swelling similar to what you get from eating instant noodles the night before.

When I removed the bandages, I could clearly see that my face had shortened.

I was very satisfied because the shortening improved my face’s overall proportion and harmony.

Along with the facelift, I also had anterior facial fat suction and the eye asymmetry correction I’ve been concerned about.

Compared to the first surgery, the pain and swelling from the eye revision were much less significant.

I considered the facelift for a long time, as it’s often thought to be for older people. But you should consider it when you start to see signs of aging.

I highly recommend it, especially for those like me who experience cheek sagging after contour surgery.

The patient in the next room was also in their 20s and had a facelift after contour surgery.”

The transformation of beauty is not just about appearance but also about self-improvement and mental growth.

At THE PLAN Plastic Surgery, let us start a new chapter of beauty with you, witnessing and recording every wonderful moment.

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