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Cheekbone reduction surgery sculpting a delicate and three-dimensional face

On the journey to pursue beauty,
everyone hopes to find a way
to rejuvenate themselves.

Especially during gatherings with friends, being mistaken for an older age
can be somewhat bothersome.

Therefore, choosing a reliable cosmetic surgery clinic
becomes particularly important.

THE PLAN Plastic Surgery, with its professional techniques
and attentive service,
helps every client start a new chapter of beauty.

Recently, we had the privilege of witnessing a customer
undergo a self-transformation through plastic surgery.

She primarily received two treatments:

Cheekbone reduction (full facial cheekbone reduction surgery) and


This customer was troubled by the impression of aging
caused by her facial lines,
but she was determined to find a solution through plastic surgery.

Facing the mirror, noticing the prominent cheekbones
that made the facial lines look less harmonious,
this customer finally chose THE PLAN Plastic Surgery
for a cheekbone reduction surgery.

This surgery, by delicately adjusting the shape of the cheekbones,
alleviated the protruding, making the facial contours softer,
and thus the overall appearance seemed more youthful.

To further enhance the facial firmness and youthful vigor,
the customer also underwent an Ultherapy.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology
to reach the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production,
achieving a lifting and tightening effect.

This is a non-invasive therapy,
which is not only effective but also has a very short recovery period.


A True Testimonial — A Confident New Life

After the surgery, this customer’s facial lines became softer,
and the excessive prominence of the cheekbones was effectively mitigated,
making the overall face look younger and more vibrant.

Even in photos where her eyes were covered,
the significant changes brought by the surgery could be clearly seen.

Her mother and friends were amazed by her transformation,
remarking that she looked at least five years younger.

The Experience at THE PLAN Plastic Surgery

Deciding to undergo surgery is never an easy decision.

However, what made the customer feel fortunate was that
at THE PLAN, she encountered not only professional techniques,
but also meticulous service.

From the initial consultation to the surgery,
and the careful postoperative care,
every step made her feel reassured and satisfied.

THE PLAN Plastic Surgery can provide you with
safe and professional solutions.

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